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Airbrush compressor: My decision Part 1


Airbrush compressor: My decision Part 1

Nobody looks at him and no one respected him. Although he is the most important things when it comes to airbrush. Not least, hang it all on him. Not only that it is air, no, but to also bring the hose to the compressed air to the object of desire "hang" him. We are talking about airbrush compressor. Many different manufacturers have established themselves in recent months and years on the market and try their airbrush compressors to get at the man. But one should not just buy a cheap and great advertised compressor, but also to ensure that the compressed air generator is also suitable for fie ART from work. Because not everyone makes compressor with a duration of five hours airbrush. Since then we need something more specific technique. And not every compressor makes that one followed a five bar pressure air gun for paint at him. Since it can be before, that the compressor quickly gives up the ghost. We would like to be included in this review series to the individual compressors and their advantages. But the disadvantages of the various pieces of jewelry, we want to not be deprived. The most important thing at the beginning:

The field of application

Since you are a beginner or not at all actually know what you will do later as Airbrusher so recommended here a compromise between performance level and costs found. Of course, the compressors are more expensive, which is what you can and keep the longest. But the purchase of such an airbrush compressor usually exceed the entire budget, which one should sit on any case as a beginner. Time and again, you should then cut before the purchase of a top-compressor 's on the fingers. Because nothing is worse than when the compressor has been purchased and then the necessary motivation, or rather lack the necessary talent for airbrushing and a theme for itself disappears from the scene.

The decision

Is the budget and the approximate area of application of the compressor can set it already going to go with the search. As mentioned above, there are many manufacturers of airbrush compressors. These are, as on all packaging promised "suitable for airbrushing. Which one should, however, generally believe in never. For only the experiences of other artists can confirm this. A beginner should first of the favorable variant, the membrane - Airbrush attack - air compressor back. This fills in the beginning, in any case, its purpose and sufficient for the commencement and the entry into the airbrush art.

Advantages of the diaphragm compressor

The advantages of this airbrush compressor 's are listed very quickly. The acquisition costs are low and the benefits generated from these is low compared Aschaffungskosten very high. A simple technique, which requires few parts, is definitely very beneficial for beginners in the airbrush. The amount of air that they produce compressors airbrush is usually quite sufficient for the beginning. The connection options are varied. There is even a distribution of some compressors connection with it. This can then be used for connecting multiple guns simultaneously.

Disadvantages of the diaphragm compressor

A major disadvantage is that the cooling system of a diaphragm compressor is not really big, and can therefore lead to an enormous strain on even malfunction. Also, it is often uncomfortable with such a compressed air device to work, because the Gerschäuschentwicklung is often given very strong. If this does not bother you should not opt out of such a diaphragm compressor. In our next article on the decision we want to then go into the advanced airbrush compressors. So that you can find the right air sensor for the air brush.

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