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Airbrush Wall Painting: Aschaffenburg Schöntal


Airbrush Wall Painting: Aschaffenburg Schöntal

Anyone who knows Aschaffenburg and its beautiful spots also knows the Schöntal Park directly across from the City Gallery Aschaffenburg. Andrea Pischel has immortalized this beautiful spot on a roller with airbrush art.

Airbrush mural directly on the object

Aschaffenburg stimuli according to the official survey for one of the attractions such as the Pompejanum or the castle of Aschaffenburg and the other the really very beautiful and clean parks which are perfect for walking and chilling out. Next to the park and the park Schönbusch Pompejanum Schöntal the park directly at City gallery than a hotel. [caption id="attachment_1406" align="alignnone" width="150" caption="Airbrush Motiv auf einem Rollladen Schöntal Park Aschaffenburg"]Airbrush Motiv auf einem Rollladen Schöntal Park Aschaffenburg[/caption]

History of the park Schöntal Aschaffenburg

The park was created 1780th At that time she was at the gates of the clear venerable city of Aschaffenburg. On the side of the channel is designed this park in English style. The northern part is used as a courtyard garden and vegetable garden. The scene at the Holy grave or rather the ruins of the Lizard shaped design with the known techniques in a very professional shutters of a customer. These were specially adapted to this background colors for airbrush used. A perfect technique and associated tools such as an airbrush compressor and the various Airbrushes has Lizard design for mobile use at the customer's always there. Aschaffenburg is now forever in the memory of his sights. Aschaffenburg stimuli presented very different views. Airbrush on shutters In the following pictures we have described to you step by step to build this airbrush artwork more closely.

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