Airbrush Atelier ein Blick in den kurs
Malakademie startet wieder ab 14.September 2017 bei Lizard Design
Jugend Projekt Abgeschlossen an PGS Schule Kahl
Customplanung immer noch gut möglich 2017

Changes in the atelier


Changes in the atelier

Moving from Lizard Design also brings a change of phone numbers for themselves. As mentioned a few days ago here in the blog Lizard Design mentioned. Here again the new contact, and of course also the new phone number which you can reach the studio, and thus Andrea Pischel at any time. Atelier Lizard Design Odenwald Strasse 12 63 825 Schöllkrippen / Schneppenbach Phone: 0 60 24/63 94 34 3 Mobile: 0 15 1/65 12 00 6 Email: Of course, the possibility still remains with us through the contact form to get in touch. Glad you have the new studio for a visit to open by appointment. Yours sincerely, and colorful Andrea Pischel Airbrush designer

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