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Painting in the holidays


Painting in the holidays

The Whitsun holidays are just around the corner. The children are at home and want to do something but the holiday games are boring? Then you should leave the children to paint with us. [singlepic id=343 w=490 h=490 float=] Lizard Design gives you and your children the opportunity to make the holidays meaningful and varied. The spzeiell tailored to your child courses, you have the opportunity to paint your child in a group of several children to make this possible. These courses were often held at Lizard Design. Just last year such a course was held in the City Library in Aschaffenburg. Images of this course you will find as always in our gallery and here on the blog. In these courses, the painting is conveyed in a variety of ways. Of course, the children have the opportunity theory of painting and the different techniques to learn. The focus is on these courses, however, the painting, because the children a lot more excited about this than about facts. For questions about the courses in general or course specific to the courses for children, you just speak to me in person, by phone or by mail. I am always open to questions and suggestions. [nggallery id=30]

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